Saturday, March 31, 2007

Uh, Google, WTF?

WARNING: Non-critical colloquialized logic content ahead.

What is it about my content that makes Google think the "Are you gay? Take the online test" ad is appropriate for my readership? Is it my consistent use of the topic labels "Republican" or "Rove"? Is it the repeated questioning of the rite ( that's not a typo ) of executive privledge? I haven't even mentioned the Republican penchant for playing dress-up.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Equal Opportunity...

It's long been my opinion that both major American political parties are populated by narcisists with borderline sociopathic tendencies and useful idiots (to borrow a term from the bolsheviks) who are controlled by powerful and, sometimes, evil men collectively forming a political class hell bent on personal glorification over the promotion of the American republican ideal. During the Bush 43 administration I ( and I would imagine many other anti-establishmentarians) briefly turned pro-Democrat as a reflexive response to the abject corruption AND incompetance of the current manifestation of the Republication party. One could applaud the Bush II administration for achieving excellence in corruption and launching a new level of corruption simultaneously, but I digress.

The main stream media's recent overt promotion of two closet corporatist Democrats (Clinton and Obama) over genuine progressives (Kucinich and possibly Edwards) has forced me to re-examine my positions and so while doing some research for the PLF I came accross the quotes I link to below.

I now officially return to my traditional belief system, proposing that the (R)'s and (D)'s are equally reprehensible, with the caveat that the Bush administration is neither (R) or conservative in any intellectually consistent sense. They should more likely be described as an unholy union of dominionists and neo-feudalists and therefore I plan to continue my unabashed criticism thereof.


The House of Cards...

A bit off topic, but exciting nonetheless: The closer you get to Rove the closer you get to indictment.

What is the PLF?

There is an insidious undercurrent in contemporary conservativism that manifests itself in daily e-mails. Despite the popular view that FOX, The Washington Post, etc. are the key distributors of conservative talking points, they, and media outlets like them are actually only billboards for the immediate manifestation of the Republican party. The truely dangerous messages get passed around at the grass roots level of the conservative diaspora, and gain thier popularity and credibility through the perception of thier origin in the populace.

We all get emails from conservative friends, co-workers, relatives, etc., and I know my standard response is, in this order: skim, get angry, start a response, decide responding would be fruitless, and go get some coffee. But perhaps instead of passing on the response to the sender we can come together and disect these e-epistles that get passed around, and see where the right goes wrong at the grassroots level. The big boys, Air America, Move On, they've got Fox covered.

So here the Peoples Liberation Frontpage is dedicated to an attempt at critical analysis of these emails. I will not be publishing the names or accounts of the orignators, but I do welcome submissions of conservative emails for disection.