Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of Mice and Binary Oppositions

St. Jacques, Tarvu Be Praised.

As a self appointed deacon in the Church of Deconstructionism I'm dogmatically opposed to argument structurally dependant on binary opposition. Contemporary political punditry and public intellectualism, however, is dependant on a methodology of argument dependant on a black/white framing. I will eventually revisit this post and attempt to reframe the architecture of this post in both traditional and deconstructed terms, but for now, I'll leave you with the preliminary outline.
Glenn Greenwald props
American exceptionalism
Amoral Familialism
Arcadian v. Utopian
Progres is impossible
Historic revisionism becomes willful ignorance
Inductive v. Deductive
Bad poker players
Brilliant analysis without relevance
Smith vs. Marx

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Open Appology to My Fan...

I've taken you for granted. I've assumed that you would stay here and wait while I entertained myself with other enterprises, why would you? Is what we've had here so special? The abject hubris you must see in every vowel I type... I can't even imagine.

Let me say I'm sorry for being gone for so long without explanation and I'll try to do better in the future. I'm going to try an experiment to get back into the writing spirit.

Every morning as I sit here drinking my coffee and scratching Cuba's headbone, I'm going to live blog about what's going on on Morning Joe.

Today, all I can say is Peggy Noonan is fucking insufferable. Her analysis is as superficial as any freshman polysci student, but its not bad its just valueless; it is her ridiculous patrician superiority that is so awesome. The blueblood chortle she evokes when prompted with a political inside joke is distracting in the best case and infurriating in the worst.

Let's say payment for unique analytical constructsm even though I disagree with the foundational premises, was suffering through her anoying personality disorders (read as ala Pat Buchanon) that would be one thing. But having her sit there with her superior sideways look terminate in a poetics of meaninglessness is frustrating in the extreme.

Right now she's musing on Bush's final speach... mind numbing.