Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Never Send Flowers Any More

Several auto industry ideas that are dead before I post them:

1) Solidarity ratio. Bob Nardelli, the poster boy for the cancer stage of capitalism, can get paid as much as he wants as long as its not more than 20 times what the lowest paid Chrysler employee gets paid.

2) Focused federal healthcare. Right now, today, everyone with UAW retirement benefits is on medicare. Admittedly, with the hope that this is a slippery sloper toward single payer universal coverage.

3) Trust busting. Too big to fail means to big to exist. Remember if the Standard Oil Trust had been named The Standard Oil Corporation we would have anti-corporation laws today.

4) Allow foreign ownership. Honda, meet GM. Toyota, meet Ford. let nature take it's course.

5) end petroleum collusion, Exxon could buy ford with approx. 85 hours worth of PROFIT