Tuesday, August 26, 2008

can't be fixed

I usually use as a statement within any connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition (read as part of an argument) that contemporary repubilcanism, is not so much the conservative of the two evolved American political parties, but rather a coalition of triabalist cliques who self-identify as us, identify other republican cliques as near-us, and democrats as them.

The contemporary Republican coalition is demonstrably unconservative. This is irrelevant. The point of republicanism is increasing the access of the republican political class to federal funds.

The result of this tribalism, is policy indifferent, and focuses on us maintenance, focusing solely on the continuity of the tribe.

Typically, the tribe has policy specific origins, but the focus of the efforts has shifted among the atribal, amoral political class to maintenance of the coalition.

Let's say the coalition has 5 main parts. We could define the tribes within the Republican coalition

enough for now.