Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Death by Cop

There is a phenomenon known in law enforcement circles as death by cop, where an individual wishing to commit suicide, but not to self inflict damage, with engage the police in such a way that they are required to use deadly force.

Key members of the Republican Party may be engaged in this act in a political manner. That is to say, they have seen the possibly irreperable damage the neo-conservative movement has done to the Republican Party, The United States and the international community in place of employing that age old method of redemption: appologizing for thier mistakes; they have chosen to up the dosage of conservativism they inflict on the world in the hopes that some couragous Democrat may finally call them out, and begin an unraveling of the neo-conservative experiment.

So far though, these devious few Republicans are still brandishing thier metaphoric weapons and shouting into a disinterested night.

The New 1% Doctrine

What are the odds that given the opportunity Dick Cheney will invade Iran?

Is it 50/50? Is it 5%? There may only be 1 chance in 100 but even then, this slimest of possibilities requires his removal from office.