Thursday, August 9, 2007

Illegal Imigration

In reference to an email that's going around about Illegal Imigrants:

Is there another way to become an American citizen? Seriously, can you become an American citizen "the new fashion way...illegally and outside the system"? Can you do that in Norway? in, dare I say the "F" word...France? Those socialist countries must be so inefficient, and burdened by red tape, that they can't possibly control who works with and without documentation.

I can't stress this enough: We do not have an illegal immigration program, we have an illegal employment program. For all the rhetoric that surrounds the mass delusion implicit in the Chicago school, the hypocrisy of the trickle down of benefits, trickle up of responsibility is perhaps the most ironic and socially destructive. Give the owners of capital economic benefits that ensure growth of their population remains static and shift the risk to the owners of the means of production. Tax breaks to the investor class, cut social programs for the CHILDREN of the poor. The goal of this ideology is not capitalism in the broad meaning of the term in western vernacular, it is feudalism.

Illegal immigrants do not file for benefits.
They pay fica and payroll but DO NOT take advantage of the rest of the government services, because they would have to produce documentation, which, by the nature of their "illegal" status they do not have. Therefore, if they qualified for the EITC they could not possibly be illegal. This is a neat little trick the right has picked up on: " Illegal immigrants do not pay income taxes". Well, neither does the working poor... but they are taxed. They are taxed when they buy "cell phones" and clothing for thier dozens of children. They pay property tax which is included in their rent, which is inflated because, while the landlord isn't going to rat them out to INS, he is going to charge them more not to check any references or id's. By the way, since we long ago decided to screw the poor with our educational funding system, this is how they pay for thier childrens education, through property tax.

The great risk shift
If "illegal" immigrants are still getting paid 5 or 6 dollars an hour there are no less than 3 criminal acts taking place, and only one is at the level of the worker, the other two by the employer. The undocumented worker is committing a misdemeanor by working without a visa but the employer is committing a felony by employing that undocumented worker and not paying the new minimum wage. But it would be bad for business to opperate this way.

Is the invisible hand at work or not?
If free marketeers and global economists are so sure about the ability of the market to solve any problem...then there is no problem. What illegal immigration problem? American employers who hire "illegals" are simply freeing trapped value from an under performing asset.This is the market at work, lower priced labor has out competed the higher priced, and therefore, inefficient American worker.

Of course none of this matters. Try to unionize or collectively bargain and we'll call INS. try to sue me for not paying you the minimum wage, we'll call INS. take a lunch break and we'll call INS. Resperartor? Resperator?!?! You'll breath fumes and you'll like it...or I'll call INS.

The supply side that the neo-liberal economic dogma preaches seems to disregard the fact that the supplied commodity in this stupid, unbelievably, retarded debate, is jobs, ergo the responsible party should be the supplier/employer, who keeps hiring illegal immigrants. You like efficiency? Then arrest the 1 employer who hires 100 illegals. BAM you just cut your prospective tax burden for this "problem"down to 1% of projected expenses. Now, there's "your tax dollars at work."

The contemporary conservative movement is a joke. Seriously, it has to be an ellaborate fraternity prank gone awry. It is now a loose patchwork of the very, very greedy and the very, very stupid. And it's a marriage made in heaven. If the Republican Party were to stay at the Hotel Illegal Immigrant for a long weekend, you know just some us time, to get away from the kids, it would come for the cheap labor, but stay for the ignorant xenophobia and hate speach.